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Setting the frames
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Museum of Work, Norrköping, Sweden

1. Setting the frames

The first conference is working under the heading ”Setting the Frames”, denoting the work of refining the comparative scheme that is presented below. Cultural, archaeological, art, natural and technological museums might be part of forming a national museum in each country. Suggestions for papers should relate to the comparative design but might deal with a variety of empirical questions such as:

  • How can we understand and define the national museum concept? How has the concept been understood and defined by different actors in the past? What historical, political and cultural contexts are relevant to the creation of national museums?
  • How are politicians, the public sphere, university disciplines and civil society negotiating the concept of National Museum in different nations? Different groups of actors and users might stand for different defining processes through both intentions and practices. What historical changes can be identified? How can their role in the broader historical culture be assessed?
  • How could the creation of and narration within National Museums be read as performative acts, text, visual and architectural statements and discourses?

The Call is now closed with an exciting range of suggestions. Applicants will receive a letter before Christmas, and have to respond at the latest before 10 January. More information will follow on the next page