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3. European national museums in a global world PDF Print E-mail

3. European national museums in a global world

Department of culture studies and oriental languages, University of Oslo, Norway, 19-21 November 2007

The intention of the conference is to explore how the museum has dealt with the Other. How are internal and external enemies dealt with? What happens when European national museums are confronted with expectations of responding to multi-cultural processes in a globalized world. This exploration will have two main directions:

1) What kind of political, rhetorical and practical strategies do national museums develop being met by such expectations? and

2) To what extent is it possible to combine the concept of a national museum with a multi-cultural approach? What is the role of a European dimension versus universalised citizenship and human rights?

It would be expected that the responses have differed widely between European national museums, and therefore the conference should both focus on these differences and develop theoretical and methodical tools to describe and to analyze these differences.