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5. Re-imagining the National Museum PDF Print E-mail
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5. Re-imagining the National Museum
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5. Re-imagining the National Museum: Traditional Institutions in an era of technological change

Museum studies, Leicester University, 16-18 June 2008.

Call for paper - deadline 30 April for abstract. 

The European Commission's research frameworks have funded projects which utilise culture as the subject matter for technological investigation and development of a knowledge-based society. The dream of an integrated knowledge space drawing particularly upon the wealth of material held in national institutions raises many issues for these institutions. If access to a nation's culture becomes international, does the national museum inevitably justify the claim of being a 'universal (world/global) museum'? In the borderless world of networked media, what distinguishes a national museum? Does a transformation take place? How will the concept of the national museum develop beyond the simple representation of existing ideas and collections? How do new information architectures on the web reconstitute the old architectures of Europe's national museums?