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NaMu arrow 6. Conclusions and beyond
6. Concluding conferens: PDF Print E-mail


European national museums encountering a globalized culture

Department of culture studies and oriental languages, University of Oslo, Norway, 17-19 November 2008

The intention is to go further from this platform, both in depth to stimulate research where lack of knowledge hinders analyses, and to widen the comparative approach beyond the European horizon, since the museum culture has been expanded to both colonies and is rapidly reinterpreted in a post-colonial setting facing rapid change.


Inspired by both the original framework for the Namu network project, the contributions to the five first NaMu workshops and the very impressive variety of approaches and discussions the organizers have decided to dedicate the sixth and last NaMu workshop to

1) concluding discussions of scopes and perspectives in scholarly investigations of national museums to enhance future research, and
2) presentations and discussions of suggested contributions to a concluding book project on current national museum research.

The complete call can be downloaded through the button Call VI in the menu to the left.