Venue: The Coppice and Stamford Hall, University of Leicester


Monday 18th June 2007


12.00 Registration at Stamford Hall. Posters submitted and hung.

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Simon Knell: Welcome and introduction


Four keynotes on the museum


Session 1: Chair: Peter Aronsson

13.50 Keynote: Donald Preziosi

Donald is Professor of Art History at the University of California, Los Angeles. In a distinguished career, Donald has worked in many of the most prestigious universities in the US and Europe. His work has been wide-ranging, concerning architecture, art, disciplinarity, linguistics and critical theory. The museum has featured prominently. Donald’s many books include Rethinking Art History: Meditations on a Coy Science (1989), Brain of the Earth’s Body: Art, Museums & the Phantasms of Modernity (2003) and The Art of Art History (1998).

14.30 Keynote: Chris Whitehead

Chris is Lecturer in Museum, Gallery and Heritage Studies at the University of Newcastle. He is best known for his exemplary historical study of the National Gallery, The Public Art Museum in Nineteenth- Century Britain. He has published widely on the history, architecture and theory of museums and galleries with particular emphasis on questions of display and knowledge construction in the London nationals.

15.10 Discussion

15.30 Tea and opportunity to see posters


Session 2: Chair: Kerstin Smeds (NaMu Advisory Committee)

16.00 Keynote: Peter van Mensch

Peter is Senior Lecturer in Theoretical Museology and Museum Ethics at the Reinwardt Academie in Amsterdam. His publications extend over some thirty years, and include his well-known University of Zagreb PhD, Towards a Methodology of Museology (1992), which has long been a rich online resource. One of the best known museologists in Europe, Peter’s work is distinctive for its theoretical analysis and ethical critique of the museum sector. While other museologists have sought intellectual inspiration from other disciplines, Peter has, perhaps more than anyone, put museology itself under the microscope.

16.40 Keynote: Eilean Hooper-Greenhill

Eilean is Professor of Museum Studies and former Director of the Department at the University of Leicester. Over the last decade she led the foundation and development of the Department’s influential Research Centre for Museums and Galleries. A specialist in museum education and communication, her books include Museums and the Shaping of Knowledge (1992), Museums and the Interpretation of Visual Culture (2000), Cultural Diversity: Developing Museum Audiences in Britain (1997) and Museums and Education: Purpose, Pedagogy, Performance (in press).

17.20 Discussion

17.40 Poster session, ideas exchange and refreshments

17.45-18.30 Presenters with surnames A-K stand by posters.

18.30-19.15 Presenters with surnames L-Z stand by posters

19.30 Poster session ends

20.00 Dinner


Tuesday 19th June 2007

London Study Day (please see detailed timetable below). This will include conference dinner at a nearby village.



Wednesday 20th June 2007

9.00 Simon Knell: Introduction to debate.

9.10 Breakout thematic workshops (please see details below)

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Plenary session: National museum narratives

12.30 Lunch and departure